I think the most productive thing to do during times of change is to be your best self, not the best version of someone else. -Seth Godin

This concern of businesses was focused on where they were going to find space. Many businesses had moved locations in their tenure, but they find that now there are far fewer options, making it an even bigger barrier to moving. Many businesses worry about if their building sells, or if their rent keeps increasing, being able to continue operating their business in the future.

Another challenge specific to West Seattle is the quality of internet along the Avalon and Harbor Ave. Many of the businesses there claim that their internet is too slow, which is hurting their bottom line.


For a business like mine, with specifications for my space, [my building getting sold] would probably make me go out of business. These live/work units are too small and the market is too saturated with them.

Business owner in Admiral


We do business slower because of our slow internet.

Retail business owner in Avalon

West Seattle was a special place with unique advantages only found on the Peninsula. We are like no place else, and that this was an incredibly important and overlooked fact. Many people feel a community here, and many cite the importance of small business in what makes that community special. See a missing link or have a comment? Email WS Resource Roundup

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