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Parking was by far the most frequently-listed challenge facing West Seattle businesses. The specific problems range from lack of parking, to not enough zoned parking, to parking being taken up by too many construction projects.

The problem is also exacerbated by the feeling that many public works and public transportation projects seem to be foisted on the community, not developed with them. Many businesses feel that they do not hear in time that a major project will happen, which limits their ability to share their perspective and possibly alter the project to be more business-friendly.


Parking is the biggest challenge. My business depends on people getting in and out quickly. Lack of parking would drive us out of the Junction.

Small business owner in the Junction


We anticipate the parking problem will only get worse.

Retail business owner in Avalon


We need to resist the city’s desire to get rid of cars. Between now and the next 10-15 years, it’s going to change. And on days like this, with this topography, how many people are going to ride bikes? This isn’t Amsterdam.

Small business owner in the Junction

West Seattle was a special place with unique advantages only found on the Peninsula. We are like no place else, and that this was an incredibly important and overlooked fact. Many people feel a community here, and many cite the importance of small business in what makes that community special. See a missing link or have a comment? Email WS Resource Roundup

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