I think the most productive thing to do during times of change is to be your best self, not the best version of someone else. -Seth Godin

This was the largest concern that people had after parking. This ranged from city regulations about employee leave or benefits, to minimum wage, to license fees, to rents. These concerns are widespread pose a continually-increasing challenge (and threat) to the success of the West Seattle business community.


The new minimum wage is killing the restaurant business.

Restaurant owner on Alki


The minimum wage requirements for servers are absurd…Some of our servers are making $60 an hour. [The City Council] has created a serious problem in the service industry and I would say 75% of restaurants are in that same boat.

Restaurant owner on Alki


Well, do we go back to dumpster diving for packing materials? Would we do that for our employees to have health insurance? I guess we would.

Retail business owner in Avalon

West Seattle was a special place with unique advantages only found on the Peninsula. We are like no place else, and that this was an incredibly important and overlooked fact. Many people feel a community here, and many cite the importance of small business in what makes that community special. See a missing link or have a comment? Email WS Resource Roundup

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